A little commonwealth thesis

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A little commonwealth thesis

But how much do we know about the Pilgrims as people, their relationships with each other both within the context of the family and community?

The overlaying dynamic of Pilgrim life, according to Demos, was that it was a patriarchal society Like many societies arguably including our ownthe male ruled both the household and the community.

With few exceptionshusbands had full control over their homes and businesses; indeed they were even able to dispose and assign their children to other households with little to no consultation with their wives When one thinks of Puritan repression, one thinks of sexual repression; indeed, it is almost an accepted stereotype.

A little commonwealth thesis

But it seems that repression was instead directed at actions committed by members of the community, especially those actions that could be characterized as hostile or aggressive Demos uses that psychological framework of Erik Erikson outlined to explain how the repression of impulses especially individualistic impulses was institutionalized within the Puritan family, and how its consequence shame became a defining characteristic of Pilgrim life Children were "broken," their individuality destroyed, so that they met the expectation of obedience to authority, whether it be obedience to their father or obedience to the government This is because what was considered normal within the community was seldom documented; there was little reason to record what everyone already knew and understood.

Demos makes a valiant effort to reconstruct these relationships by examining physical artifacts, wills, court decisions, and estate inventories.

While his account of Pilgrim life is necessarily incomplete, his evidence allows us to begin to understand the dynamics at work.

While his evidence especially court cases might serve merely to show the exceptions to the rule, enough of this evidence exists to demonstrate what the expected norm might be.

It appears that Demos attempted to examine all major dynamics at work within the family—relationships between family members—but by necessity he merely outlined these relations in broad strokes. It might have been desirable to present a case study of one particular family, following its development and changes through time.

It appears, however, that Demos has provided us a valuable glimpse into the Pilgrim family life that, while incomplete, gives a sense of how things were. There are few silences in the narrative of family life such as the daily life and play of childrenbut these may be unavoidable.

In the end, it appears that Pilgrim family life was as complex if not more so than family life today. Surprisingly, takes a bit of a detour from the documentary record to connect the topic to the psychology of Erikson. As such, I think it is more of a specialist book than one of general interest.

It is very nicely written. Demos discusses the evidence with the reader, instead of leaning on authoritarian statements. Demos has pulled out some interesting primary sources, include a rare census, diaries, writings by early settlers, etc.policy was formed in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts during the years , the study set forth and evaluated three hypotheses about the formulation of economic policy in a 'little' state.

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A Little Commonwealth: Family Life in Plymouth Colony John Demos Abstract. The year marked the 30th anniversary of the publication of this title.

The study examines the family in the context of the colony founded by the Pilgrims who came over on the Mayflower. Basing his work on physical artifacts, wills, estate inventories, and a variety.

A little commonwealth thesis

A Little Commonwealth By John Demos Book Review By Jonathan Klakamp I’ve chosen to review “A Little Commonwealth” by John Demos. In this book, it’s obvious that Author, John Demos, is intent on developing his analysis with materials Indigenous to the Plymouth colonies. A LITTLE COMMONWEALTH: Family Life in Plymouth Colony.


John Demos

Tweet. KIRKUS REVIEW. Brandeis Professor Demos, armed with research on written records, the ""quantitative"" methods of the social sciences, and a little Freud and Erik Erikson, mounts a, cautious .

A Little Commonwealth Essay Words 4 Pages The modern image of the New England Puritans, as one perceives, is a dark one: the Puritans, religious dissenters who valued propriety and order, are seen as a witch-hunters, suspicious tribe, and their very name carries connotations of grimness and primness.

Little Commonwealth: Family Life in Plymouth Colony - Oxford Scholarship