Adverse trends and data management

This table was constructed using the data in our previous reports [ 192022 - 26 ], and the permission of replication was obtained from the publishers. Advantages of FAERS data mining It is well-accepted that a randomized, prospective, large-scale and long-term clinical trial is the best way to assess the association between a drug and an adverse event; however, such trials are not practical due to great expenses of time and cost, especially for rare but clinically important adverse events [ 4647 ].

Adverse trends and data management

Adverse trends and data management

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access Adverse Trends and data management Essay Sample Adverse trends occur in the healthcare setting at an alarming rate. Adverse trends are treatable and preventable when addressed in a timely manner.

This paper will attempt to address a common adverse event in the healthcare setting and review data collection, the use of technology, and preventative measures.

Pressure ulcers are a common problem in the hospital and long term care setting.

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An increase in the incidence of pressure ulcers on a hospital or long term care unit would warrant further investigation. Information concerning the increase in pressure ulcer prevalence can be gathered from a variety of sources.

Once the data is collected all of the information obtained would need to be thoroughly reviewed to ascertain where the surge in pressure ulcers is stemming from. It would also be important to interview patients and staff, evaluate the products that are being used in treating the ulcers, and perform meticulous skin assessments at increased intervals.

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This data would be important in helping to determine how the incidence of pressure ulcers increased. The ultimate goal would be to heal pressure ulcers already present and attempt to prevent any new occurrences. The data collected regarding the adverse trend should give the interdisciplinary team an eagerness to address the issue as expeditiously as possible to prevent any further complications.

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A randomized clinical trial to assess whether elective induction of labor at 39 weeks of gestation compared with expectant management will improve outcomes.

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Given the reported increased risks of adverse events in pregnancies extending beyond 39 weeks it has been hypothesized that a .

Comparison of 4 data mining algorithms. In Table 2, an example of output data is provided to both familiarize readers with the analysis and show the differences between the 4 signal data are on the warfarin-, aspirin- and clopidogrel-associated haematemesis, and those on haemorrhage, haematoma, melaena and haematochezia have already published previously [].

Do Combination Vaccines or Simultaneous Vaccination Increase the Risk of Adverse Events?

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Conclusion | Why This is an Issue | Epidemiological Evidence | Archives | References. Conclusion. Certain combination vaccines or simultaneous administration of vaccines that are known to cause fever can rarely cause febrile seizures in infants and young children beyond the risk presented by .


Background Adverse drug events are important preventable causes of hospitalization in older adults. However, nationally representative data on adverse drug events that result in hospitalization in.

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