English solved

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English solved

Which sentence has no mistake? A The man thought he was in the desert B The man thought was on the desert C The man is thinking he was on the desert now D The man thought he was in the dessert 2.

Which sentence has an error? A The bus went down the mountain road slowly B The train goes swiftly through the tunnels C The ship sails under the water smoothly D The airplane flies high in the sky 3. The letters in steam can be rearranged to make which word meaning friends? A meats B mates 4.

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Choose the word closest in sound to the italicized word. The tennis court was painted with a………. A quote B coyote 5. A expensive B cheap 6. A Blate B Bleat 7. According to Piaget there are four major cognitive stages.

Which are the correct stages? A Sensorimotor, pre-operational, concrete operations and formal operations B Sensorimotor, post-operational, concrete operations and formal operations C Emotional, pre-operational, concrete operations and formal operations D Sensorimotor, pre-operational, concrete operations and tangible operations 8.

Which of the following statements is correct? A Piaget—language is a symptom of existing cognitive structures of the children B Bruner—language is crucial for mental development and is not merely a symptom of underlying cognitive structures.

C Chomsky—language is the result of our uniquely human bioogical inheritance called LAD. D Skinner—language acquisition in terms of learning principles or more particularly his operant conditioning techniques. Experiential Learning refers to.

English solved

A experience as the source of learning B learning takes place before experiencing something C learning takes place before experience D learning is always possible without experience. Through close test………is tested. The concept of pronunciation includes A sounds, vocabulary and structure B sounds, stress, rhythm and intonation C sounds, transcription and spelling D None of these A reading the text in parts or minutest details B reading for pleasure C reading for enrichment of vocabulary D reading for developing literary sensitivity Nursery rhymes at the primary level are taught to.


A develop vocabulary B make class more meaningful C introduce new sentences D familiarize with the sounds CCE deals with the performance of the learners in.

A maths and languages B science and other subjects C all the curricular subjects and literary activities D scholastic and scholastic activities English in India is treated as.

Water gushing from a crack in the ground is called a spring. If the water comes from deep down in the ground, it is hot. This is because the interior of the Earth is hot.

Rainwater that has gone down the cracks deep into the Earth becomes heated. The hot water is then forced up out of the ground under pressure.

Some hot springs come from volcanic rock nearer the surface. These are called geysers. Hot water and steam is forced out of a tubular crack in the ground and springs out quite high in the air.

This is because it erupts every 65 minutes without fail. If reaches a height of 50 meters.Download Screening Test Of(PGT) English This exam held on There are 40 vacancies in (PGT) English and 30 thousand candidates are applied in this post.

In this test cover all syllabus like English literature grammar and general awareness and current affairs. PGT (ENGLISH) Ques: Margaret Hale is the central woman character in.

Play several thousand Sudoku online in your browser or download Sudoku as a PDF document and print them. *A term then applied to much of eastern North America. See Indian Wars Time Table. - - - Books You May Like Include: Love and Hate in Jamestown: John Smith, Pocahontas, and the Heart of a New Nation by David A.

Price. A gripping narrative of one of the great survival stories of American history: the opening of the first permanent English settlement in the New World.

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