Heath and social

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Heath and social

Students need to be aware of how people grow and develop physically, and they may also be required to study a range of illnesses and treatments. This may include the study of public health, and public health campaigns such as the effects of smokingpoor diet and lack of exercise.

Heath and social

Law and social policy[ edit ] Students require a good grounding in the legal aspects of what is required of care practitioners, and will need to have up-to-date knowledge of developments in social policyas well as knowledge of the various laws regarding rights, discriminationHeath and socialwelfare and so on.

Ethics[ edit ] Ethics as applied to the medical and social care fields is a broad and important field of the study of Health and Social Care. In the workplace, professional caregivers need to be able to support individuals who feel that they have been or are being treated unfairly, or who do not have access to appropriate care services for some reason.

Questions of confidentialityprivacy, risk taking and generally the exercise of personal choice are all ethical dilemmas encountered and processed on a daily basis in the context of social care.

Ethics is also the process that health services follow in order to explore, justify and effect change - for instance if a new procedure, drug or surgical technique is being developed it must at some point be used with patients.

The examination of potential positive and negative effects or outcomes, and the provision of appropriate, accessible information about these to the patient to enable informed consentis an example of applied ethics.

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Social and educational activities[ edit ] Ideally, care workers need to make care environments not merely "tolerable", but enjoyable and fulfilling for the clients; this might involve carrying out social and educational activities with those in care.Previous research has identified a wide range of indicators of social isolation that pose health risks, including living alone, having a small social network, infrequent participation in social activities, and feelings of loneliness.

We support ministers in leading the nation’s health and social care to help people live more independent, healthier lives for longer. DHSC is a ministerial department, supported by 28 agencies. Health and Social Care Courses at The Open University.

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Study for a Qualification from Certificates to Degrees while you Work. View Courses. initiativeblog.com: Exploring World Communities, Test Copymasters; Grade 3 (Heath Social Studies) () by D.C.

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My current research examines the effects of new media technologies such as cable, VCRs, email, and the Web on perceptions of crime and justice. The College of Health and Social Services offers much to all students and our commitment to this mission is rooted in the land-grant tradition of New Mexico State University- excellence in education, research and service.

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