Homosexuality and todays society in miss massey a short story by chris payne

Born to a teenage mother in the s, Maureen Bateman was given up for adoption as a toddler. She spent 20 years searching for her birth mother only to be heartbreakingly rejected again. For almost half a century, Philomena told no one of her dark secret — while yearning for the day she would be reunited with her beloved child.

Homosexuality and todays society in miss massey a short story by chris payne

Based on this lack of awareness, did you have any problems getting this film made or was funding readily available for this project? The main problem was distribution in Sweden.

In the end, Scanbox said yes and very luckily we could shoot when we had planned. I have heard other filmmakers who have a story with children or a young cast having the same problem, especially when the subject is a bit darker than usual. Now we have sold the film to almost 50 countries!

I have to ask about your cast because I truly felt as if I was watching a real family: Firstly, what a star you have in Rebecka Josephson. I know you spent a long time looking for her but where did you find her?

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Rebecka Josephson as Stella Sanna L: Yes it was very, very hard to find her. I knew she had to be in every scene. She had to have integrity but also be able to show a lot of emotions. Strong and weak at the same time. And then, since she was a child, also be able to perform on a high level for seven weeks.

Rebecka was a blessing, only one and a half months before the shooting we found her. She is not new to the scene, but her role as a skater battling anorexia is a challenging one. As Katja, she is both a loving older sister to Stella and a raging teen who is cruel to her.

What did you see in her that made you know she could play this very emotional role? I wanted to find a person no one had seen before. But Amy did the best casting I met so many girls before her. She completely gave herself to the project and we trusted each other through the whole shooting.

I wanted to make her beautiful in the beginning, the picture of the ideal girl, the norm which I think, with her being famous in Sweden, was a nice thing to play with. And then just show the truth behind. How the norm is fake and makes us sick. To me the disease is a symbol for a society that is making women sick.

Through both Stella and Katja, I show the limitations a girl is forced to face. Being a woman and not just a human being. Could you please comment on finding and casting them as the parents in this film?

I tried different couples and the main reason except that they are both great actors was that they immediately had a strong connection together as a family. They are, like Amy, not vain. They want to be truthful and they also went into the project with so much love and energy. How long was the rehearsal period before you started shooting?

I actually see the casting as a rehearsal period because I use casting a lot to really get the right actors, and also the right actors together. I guess it was about a week of casting and trying the scenes without them knowing for sure that they had the part.

Then I had one week of different sort of rehearsals. We improvised some of the scenes I was unsure about and that was a great way to change the scenes into more authentic dialogue. I will do that with the whole film next time.

We also did a lot of things together, like cooking, going to a museum, talking on Skype and we also stayed in the house we shot in for a day. Everything I could come up with to make them a family and trust each other before shooting.

This film is beautifully shot. I understood after watching it that he was great with actors and we had a meeting in Sweden. Our collaboration is the best I have had with a DoP.

He loved the actors and I think he is a big part of the acting as well, everyone felt happy and filled with energy around him. Positive but also questioning things in a great way.Life story: 'My mother rejected me twice' e-mail; Chris Hemsworth pranks his Men In Black stunt double Bobby Holland Hanton in an hilarious behind-the-scenes clip Former Miss Universe.

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Homosexuality and todays society in miss massey a short story by chris payne

Massey (born ) is Walter E. Massey (born ) is an American educator, physicist, and business executive. He is chancellor of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) as of July 1, and previously served as its president beginning in

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