Love essay in english

Love essay english high school Love essay english high school An essay on films ashley review paper journal article articles?

Love essay in english

I made this essay when I was a third year hs student. When I was studying for an upcoming exam, I saw it and I was delighted to have seen it again.

Hehe hope you like it guys Love. We are all created by God in His image and likeness.

We are made to live on Earth for one purpose: As human beings made by God, we are obliged to live our life to the fullest. We are made by God but still, we are unique in our own differences, beliefs and religion.

We have different beliefs or understanding of this four-letter word. Whenever that person is near you, you get queasy and tend to stutter on your words. They say its just hormones, which is true. Love is so powerful that it can bring even the gods to their knees.

Love is a sensational and once in a lifetime feeling. The previous sentences are just about a few of my knowledge about love.

Love Essay Topics

There are different forms of love: But there is one form of love that I will tackle in this essay which I have experienced in my past days as a teenager. Teenage Love; they say is sweet, romantic and is filled with sparkling lights.

When you are in love with someone, you seem to forget the whole world and that one person is the only thing worth keeping in our world. It is a wonderful feeling when you knwo that you are loved and even a more wonderful feeling when you are in love.

But for instance, you confessed your feelings to that special someone and get rejected.

Love essay in english

You think that your whole life has crashed and that you are all alone in this world anymore. A piece of advice: It will only break your heart if the time comes that your expectations would disappoint you.

Concluding my essay about this sensational feeling we call love. I have one last thing to say. Love is more worth it when you wait.Love by definition is an emotion explored in philosophy, religion, and literature, often as either romantic love, the fraternal love of others, or the love of God based on the definition found in .

Feb 11,  · Love Story Essay Love: Understanding and Story - Words you take the story and read the title, the first and last sentences and . Unconditional love, the love of a mother for her child, romantic love, the love for your partner and passion or lust, a more sexual emotion towards a person.

Love essay in english

[tags: essay on love] Better Essays words | ( pages) | Preview. True love is possibly the most fulfilling of life's secret treasures. but love by a lesser standard is still extremely important for the human experience.

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Love essay english high school