Parenting license argumentative

Parenting offers an array of topics worth evaluating, making this broad subject ideal for an argumentative essay. After thoroughly researching just one the many topics that parents face as they raise their children, you can develop well-supported conclusions about your topic. Blend evidential support with your stance on the parenting topic in your argumentative essay.

Parenting license argumentative

This could make the child and even the parents safer, and make the world a more positive place. Raising a child may be one of the hardest things, and this license could help you prepare for the task. Potential parents should have to obtain a license because of abuse, safety, and population control.

To begin, nearly six million children in the United States alone get abused every year. This abuse could be mental, physical, emotional, or any other type of abuse or neglect. The parenting license could cut down that six million almost in half.

Secondly, worldwide, millions of children die because of unsafe conditions such as, poor sanitation of water, unsafe households, and non-proper training of safety requirements. These safety requirements could include basic skills such as the proper way to give an infant or child C.

R, the hemic maneuver, and any other skill a parent needs to know if they and their child were in any of those situations. In the United States, hundreds of infants die each year because of unsafe households.

This could be from not having baby gates in the stairways, or sharp objects around the house. You never know when your child could be in danger.

Lastly, some countries already have an enforced population control policy, would we really want the United States to end up with these guidelines and rules? The policy would not be as stringent as other population controls, because the government will not be able to kill innocent children, like other policies do.

The license could help control population because in order to have a child you would have to get certified, and have to have a license. I understand because in the United States we have freedom.

Freedom to raise children how he or she would like. I also understand that your child is your child and you have to learn from your mistakes, but could that one mistake potentially kill or harm your child?

I also understand that people may have test anxiety, but there would be multiple tests that you could pass, no matter what kind of test taker you are. The parenting license could be the answer, or at least a start to helping and saving thousands of children every year.

I believe that this license would make the world a more positive and healthier place.

Parenting license argumentative

Children would be in financially stable homes, and get whatever necessities the child needs. Overall, this license would be the best thing for a child. It could help stop the cycle of people living in poverty, and give a child a better life.A license would not even ensure that parents would follow the rules.

Many people do not follow rules. Neglect and abuse could still happen, even with a license/5(1). Meghan Leahy of Positively Parenting brings up the point that parenting classes may also help moms and dads get on the same page about their parenting techniques and values.

I think that parents shouldn't have to get a license because what if it's a good home but they don't have enough money to get something like a license or don't have enough time to go through the long process it could also be traumatic for the child and parent.

A parent license would validate parental rights and focus public policies on supporting competent parenting and on remedying or replacing incompetent parenting. However, by implementing a parenting license procedure we could do our best to make sure that no child is left unwanted, neglected or abused.

Parenting license argumentative

“Utilitarianism argues that, given a set of choices, the act we should choose is that which produces the best results for the greatest number affected by that choice. Should We Need A License To Be A Parent? Licenses are widely needed for everyday uses, such as driving, hunting, serving liquor, or operate a ham radio.

Many, if not, most people are poorly prepared to .

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