Sewing projects for men

Contrary to what you might have been thinking, I have not abandoned this blog. I just haven't had consistent internet access. Wendy contacted me to tell me she's making a tablecloth for her wedding!

Sewing projects for men

Male Pattern Boldness is proud to be the world's most popular men's sewing blog! Hold on to your hats, friends, and don't catch a chill -- it's time for another sew-along!

Everybody loves boxer shorts and they're not hard to make. In fact, boxers are an excellent beginner-level sewing project for someone just starting out.

Sewing projects for men

Are you a beginner or do you know someone who is? Sew along with us this October! If you're unable to join us at that time, no worries: For this sew-along, I invite you to use any men's boxers pattern you wish; they're generally very similar to each other, and I'll be using a few different ones to point out various design elements and methods of construction.

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We'll even discuss how to draft your own boxers pattern! Here are a few commercial patterns I found for sale online. Sometimes a search under "men's boxers sewing pattern" will yield different results than "boxer shorts sewing pattern. Patterns from the Sixties and earlier were usually sized for a specific waist measurement usually within two inches, e.

Kwik Sew is an easy-to-find pattern Pattern Review sells it and Kwik Sew instructions are excellent. McCalls dates from and is no longer in print, but it's not hard to find online. I found a few for sale on Etsy.

Simplicity is in print and can also be purchased on Pattern Review, among other places. You can also pick up a vintage boxers pattern if you choose.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

They may require a little more pattern tweaking, but usually not much. Towel and razor not included. The French boxer style with front-button yoke will not be the focus of this sew along, though I welcome more intrepid sewers to give it a try for an extra challenge.

Boxer shorts generally require no more than two yards of fabric cotton shirting or cotton flannel are ideal choices and roughly one yard of elastic for the waistband.

We'll be talking more about boxer shorts sewing supplies in the days ahead. As in the past, I have created a Flickr group for participants to join.

You can join here if you're already a member of Flickr or by emailing me at peterlappinnyc at gmail dot com. Friends, please remember that boxers also make an ideal holiday gift for that certain someone.

Sewing projects for men

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There’s some great ideas here, right? As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, you also have the chance to win Project Teen, a new sewing book that will give you 21 more ideas for sewing projects .

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