Six sigma applied to warehouse operation

At the time, Standard, which has a strong culture for quality and continually strives for perfection in its core processes, was looking for ways to continue its quality journey, Ray says. Ray attended a Six Sigma class conducted by Motorola to learn more about the approach.

Six sigma applied to warehouse operation

The process of merging, identifying, inducting, and separating material to be conveyed to specific destinations. Spare parts items held in stock as replacements to keep machinery, equipment, etc.

Split Delivery A method by which a larger quantity is ordered on a purchase order to secure a lower price, but delivery is divided into smaller quantities and is spread out over several dates to control inventory investment, save storage space, etc.

Usually supply for this demand is provided at a premium price. Pulling material for an order from inventory before the material is required. This action is often taken to identify shortages, but it can lead to increased problems in availability and inventory accuracy.

Stakeholders People with a vested interest in a company, including manager, employees, stockholders, customers, suppliers, and others.

Standard business practices business practices that are typical for general industry or specific industries. Standard Components Components parts of a product for which there is an abundance of suppliers. Not difficult to produce. An example would be a power cord for a computer.

Standard Cost Accounting System A cost accounting system that uses cost units determined before production for estimating the cost of an order or product.

For management control purposes, the standards are compared to actual costs, and variances are computed. A good practice is for companies to have SOWs in place with their trading partners — especially for all top suppliers.

It describes the purpose, history, deliverables, and measurable success indicators for a project.

ISO Clause 4 Context of Organization by Pretesh Biswas, APB Consultant

It captures the support required from the customer and identifies contingency plans for events that could throw the project off course. Because the project must be sold to management, staff, and review groups, the statement of work should be a persuasive document. Results are used to adjust variables and maintain product quality.

Stickering Placing customer-specific stickers on boxes of product. An example would be where Wal-Mart has a request for their own product codes to be applied to retail boxes prior to shipment. Stock all the goods and materials that are stored by an organization until they are needed Stock cycle sequence of repeated events for stock holdings; the time between consecutive replenishments Stocktaking periodic checks to find differences between recorded and actual stock levels Stock-Keeping Unit SKU A category of unit with a unique combination of form, fit, and function i.

If two items are indistinguishable to the customer, or if any distinguishing characteristics visible to the customer are not important to the customer so that the customer believes the two items to be the same, these two items are part of the same SKU.

As a further illustration: For example, they can choose from three keyboards, three monitors, and three CPUs. Customers may also individually buy keyboards, monitors, and CPUs.

If the stock were held at the configuration component level, the company would have nine SKUs. If the company stocks at the component level, the company would have 36 SKUs. If, as part of a promotional campaign, the company also specially packaged the products, the company would have a total of 72 SKUs.

Six sigma applied to warehouse operation

Stocking type a classification used by planning and execution systems to identify the primary stocking characteristic of the inventory. Examples of stocking types would include classifications that distinguish manufactured inventory, purchased inventory, direct ship inventory, or order-as-needed inventory.Type or paste a DOI name into the text box.

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Improving Productivity Through Lean Six Sigma Warehouse Design • The team applied Lean Six Sigma methodology by employing quality tools such as value stream mapping, PICK charts, and the 5 Whys Warehouse Redesign Leads to Gains in Productivity, Satisfaction, and Accuracy.

Business leaders have discovered benefits of applying Lean and Six Sigma in the retail industry. Retail involves a series of interlocking operations that bring a product from the supplier’s warehouse to the customer’s cart while they stand in the checkout line (whether it’s a traditional line or one online).

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