Spanish healthy living coursework

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Spanish healthy living coursework

Next Example answers with examiner's comments You are taking part in a survey to see how healthy your lifestyle is. The interviewer will ask you the following: How do you get to school? Do you have a balanced diet? Do you smoke or drink alcohol? Do you go to bed early?

If you see this symbol in an assessed task, be prepared to answer an unexpected question on this topic. Compare what Stanislas and Layla said in this role-play, and find out why the examiner gave Layla a higher mark. I go to school by bus. Par contre, quand il pleut, je prends le bus.

Usually I walk to school because it's not too far.

Spanish healthy living coursework

However, when it's raining I take the bus. Stanislas gives a very brief answer. To be more impressive Layla gives more detail: Je mange trop de chips. Je n'aime pas les fruits. I eat too many crisps. I don't like fruit. Yes, I think I have a balanced diet. I never skip meals and I always have a good breakfast.

As well as that, I eat fruit and vegetables every day. Layla scores more marks by using longer, more sophisticated sentences. You can do this by using link words like 'et' and 'parce que'.

Est-ce que tu fumes ou bois de l'alcool? I don't smoke but I drink beer. Je bois un verre de vin de temps en temps.

Last year I used to smoke one or two cigarettes a day but I have stopped and I don't smoke any more because it's not good for your health.

I drink a glass of wine now and again. Stanislas uses the link word 'mais' which is good. However, Layla gives a much longer answer and shows off her knowledge of verb tenses by using the imperfect to say what she used to do and the perfect for what she did.

Tu te couches de bonne heure? I go to bed at 11 o'clock. Pendant la semaine, je dois me coucher de bonne heure. During the week I have to go to bed early. However, at the weekend I can go to bed later because I can have a lie-in the next day if I want.

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Healthy Lifestyle

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