The mask of zorro a movie offering a great deal of excitement and adventure

Montero imprisons de La Vega and takes his infant daughter, Elena, as his own before returning to Spain.

The mask of zorro a movie offering a great deal of excitement and adventure

Rather, it consists of my picks of the best tales in the magazines, the ones I enjoyed reading, and recommend to others. These best stories of the comic books are preceded by their issue number. The Whip was a Zorro-like figure who fought injustice, using his long whip.

He had no super-powers. The Whip fits ambiguously into a number of comic book traditions. He resembles figures of adventure, with many of his tales taking place against a relatively exotic background in the Southwest United States.

He rides a horse out West, like Western heroes. And his crime-fighting, mask, costume, wealthy playboy secret identity, and technological tool used to fight crime his whipall relate him to the Batman tradition of costumed crime-fighters. The Origin in Seguro Origin of the Whip Title supplied by Grand Comics Database.

One hundred years ago, The Whip helped the poor peasants of the American Southwest; today, a modern Whip appears, to help exploited poor people in the modern day United States. The Origin of the Whip. Also the origin of the other continuing characters in the series: Wing Tai works for Rod Gaynor as his servant; Carlos is a poor Mexican-American farmer; Padre Demo is the elderly but courageous priest in the Western town of Seguro; Marisa Dillon is a crusading young newspaperwoman, her father owns the small newspaper, the Seguro Sentinel.

This is the start of one of the most politically active comic book series of the 's. The Whip is a Zorro-like figure. He helps the poor and oppressed, and fights the rich powerful people who exploit them. The first four stories about the Whip form a series; they deal with exploited Mexican-American farm workers in Seguro, a town somewhere in the American Southwest.

They are paid next to nothing for their farm work, while the ranchers who employ them make fortunes.

The mask of zorro a movie offering a great deal of excitement and adventure

Unfortunately, such conditions still persist today in much of the American West. The Whip was clearly inspired by Zorro. Like Zorro, he is a masked figure who rides the Southwest by night, fighting injustice to the poor.

Like Zorro, the Whip has a secret identity, that of a rich, idle man. There are some differences, however, between the two figures. The Whip is set in modern times, in 's America, unlike Zorro, whose tales were set in old California.

Zorro was a master swordsman, while the Whip uses the long whip of the title, with which he is an expert. When Rod Gaynor disguises himself as the Whip, he also assumes a Spanish accent, and a new personality, one which makes bright, humorous, satirical comments on all he sees, especially the crookedness and injustice perpetrated by the wealthy.

The Whip is a person of enormous enthusiasm and energy. His comments are full of wit and sparkle, and reflect his huge gusto.

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It is unclear where this personality comes from; it must be buried somewhere inside Rod. However, on the surface, Rod seems just like any other playboy, rich, good natured and self indulgent, a man who likes sports cars and polo.

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The Mask The Mask of Zorro The Matrix The Mummy The Naughty List The Phantom of the Opera The. Parents need to know that The Mask of Zorro is a action movie in which Anthony Hopkins plays the aging legendary swashbuckling hero. Unsurprisingly, there is quite a bit of sword fighting and swashbuckling.

Some of the sword violence is comedic in the form of pratfalls and debonair one-liners. There’s another Disney connection in the terrific fantasy adventure Captain Sindbad with the film’s lead: Guy Williams was already a popular star on television and featured in several Disney films, most successfully donning the famous mask of Zorro for Walt.

Nov 09,  · Banderas brought a great deal of charisma to the role as well with his usual likeable charm mixed with a real sense of fun, and was really what kept The Mask of Zorro so enjoyable.

The mask of zorro a movie offering a great deal of excitement and adventure

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The Mask of Zorro (Also Known As: La máscara del Zorro) is a Action Adventure Comedy film directed by Martin Campbell and written by johnston McCulley (character Zorro), Ted Elliott (story). It released on 17 July (USA).

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